The Reardon Insurance approach to boat insurance, or marine insurance is a little different form most insurance companies. We hand picked the companies we represent with an emphasis on claims service first, then we considered price. If you want the absolute cheapest product available, it acts like the absolute cheapest product available, and you may end up spending a lot of your valuable time involved in your claim.

Most people assume that their boat is covered under their homeowner’s insurance. The typical homeowner’s policy will cover a boat up to 14 feet in length with a maximum 25 horsepower engine — and this is for liability only. Property coverage on a boat has to be added on to the policy by endorsement.

We have insurance companies that have policies specifically designed for boats and their unique insurance needs. Don’t take a chance with that very big investment, referred to by my grandfather as “a hole in the ocean you throw your money into.” As fellow boat-owners, we know it’s all worth it.

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