Med Pay: Who Pays The Medical Bills?

What happens if you're at work and you hit someone with your car? While you may drive a nice car, you probably don't have the money to pay for someone's medical surgery out of pocket--and this is where Bodily Injury to others coverage comes in. But what if you...

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Property Damage: When Cars Hit Buildings!

Did the building hit the car or did the car hit the building? When most people think about car accidents, they usually worry about damage to their vehicle and other vehicles on the road; however, what happens if you hit a building? You could have to pay out of pocket...

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It’s Not You(r Insurance), It’s My Insurance

Uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage will ensure you can get your medical bills paid. It will pay out anything that isn't covered by the other person's policy (if they even have a policy) up to the coverage limit you elect. Don't pay out of pocket for an accident that's not your fault–get UM/UIM coverage!

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Optional Bodily Injury!

Be careful when selecting coverage, as having the right policy makes a huge difference–saving money but missing essential coverage is a quick way to set yourself up for an enormous expense later on.

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