The beginning of summer is a busy time for hosting events: weddings, graduation parties, and 4th of July cookouts just to name a few. Hosting an event can be expensive, and weather, among other factors, can lead to last minute postponements or cancellations that often leave the host out of a deposit or left with other damages. With the often unpredictable New England weather, planning an outdoor event in advance can be a risky process.

Insurance helps with the unpredictable, and there actually is insurance that covers losses from events related to unpredictable last minute cancellations…  not just limited to poor weather either! Buying this kind of insurance helps with peace of mind, and will reimburse you for deposits lost or wedding dresses ruined by poor weather as well. Insurance is for those rainy days you can’t control, and in this case, Event Insurance literally covers you on those rainy days! If you’re thinking about hosting an event, be sure to look into insuring it – you’ll be covered from the unpredictable.

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