What happens if you’re at work and you hit someone with your car? While you may drive a nice car, you probably don't have the money to pay for someone’s medical surgery out of pocket–and this is where Bodily Injury to others coverage comes in. But what if you injure yourself as a result of this accident–who pays then? 


When you, a passenger or a household member gets injured as a result of an automobile accident, your Bodily Injury limits don't apply! While having good health insurance is always smart, Medical Payments coverage is a great addition to your auto policy to not only keep yourself and those in your vehicle covered beyond the $8,000 that PIP pays out. While you can always control your own health insurance, you can't always be sure your passengers have good coverage, and you could be responsible for any gaps in their coverage if you're driving. While PIP does cover you for $8,000 and the minimum coverage is an additional $5,000, extending this limit can often be inexpensive and also smart–especially considering $13,000 does not go very far with the way hospitals bill these days!

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