Did the building hit the car or did the car hit the building? When most people think about car accidents, they usually worry about damage to their vehicle and other vehicles on the road; however, what happens if you hit a building? You could have to pay out of pocket for any expenses beyond the coverage you purchase! Property damage coverage is the section of your auto policy that covers you when you hit somebody else's property–whether a building, a car, or even driving into a swimming pool.


Property damage limits can seem large, but it's important to remember that in an accident, you're responsible for anything your car hits–if you hit a building, you'd have to pay for that too! Especially if you hit an expensive building or expensive car, it's really important that you have enough coverage to avoid paying out of pocket. The policy cost in upgrading from $5,000 of coverage to $250,000 of coverage is often not cost prohibitive, and we always want to make sure our clients have the best and most practical coverage! Saving a small amount on your policy could mean spending thousands out of pocket if you're in an expensive accident with cheap coverage!

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