Taking an Uber can be almost half the price of a Taxi in Boston – a great deal if driving yourself isn't an option! But what's the catch?

Taking an Uber is generally a good experience for most – the vehicles tend to be newer and cleaner than Taxis, and the pickup and drop off is very convenient. It's an easy and cost effective way to start a night on the town, and can also be a responsible way to get home. Even beyond that, it's significantly cheaper!

What happens if my Uber gets into an accident?

An Uber driver's insurance policy will not cover the driver in Massachusetts. This is because they are engaging in commercial activity (they don't drive you because they enjoy your company, they do it to make money which is why it's commercial activity). A typical Uber driver's policy is a personal policy (basically, the policy is designed to cover them in any normal driving activity: commuting, driving to the grocery store, basically anything except using their vehicle for a profit). As a result, if they get into an accident when driving customers using the Uber app, they are not covered because they bought their insurance for personal use only!

Why should this matter to me as an Uber passenger?

If you get hurt, their auto policy won't cover you either! The driver would be responsible for any injury related expenses you incur, but in order to get them to pay you would have to take them to court on your dime, which can be a very expensive process!

We want you to get home safely, and we want you to be informed about your options as well. While Uber is less expensive, there is a catch. Hope for the best but plan for the worst – think twice before requesting that next Uber ride!

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