Your auto insurance covers injuries to the people in your vehicle – shouldn’t your pet be covered as well?

A simple, “Hey Tucker, you want to go for a ride?” will have my Uncle’s dog flying down the stairs and sitting next to the car within seconds. But accidents happen, and it can be especially dangerous for dogs in car accidents as there aren’t any special “doggy seatbelts” that come standard in most cars. It’s also no secret that vet bills can be incredibly expensive.

Your standard auto insurance policy covers thousands in medical bills for your passengers, but are your furry friends included?

The answer is… it depends on your insurance company. A “Pet Endorsement”, or extra coverage for your pet in the case of an accident is not standard on most policies, but some companies do offer this as an option: The Norfolk and Dedham Group, Travelers and Plymouth Rock for example. It is sometimes free if you have your auto and homeowners with the same company, but otherwise ranges from $25-35. While it will generally only cover up to $500 in veterinary expenses, this is a very cost effective add on if you frequently travel with your dog or cat – sorry chinchilla owners, only dogs and cats are covered! If you want this on your policy (or want to double check if you think you already have it) just give us a call and we’ll be sure to look into it – I know I want my dog covered too!

*The amazing artwork for the “Dog Blog” is from Milanka Reardon!

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